Hey, I'm Sonne

I help you build the physique and health you want by connecting your entire program to your PERSONALITY, GOALS and LIFESTYLE!

I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years and have been in the trenches learning how to get lean, muscular, and athletic for over 20!

Growing up fat, insecure, shy, I quickly became addicted to training, simply because to me this was my answer to change all of this.

Although improving physique was priority, I came to learn how this was just the beginning.

I realised training hard creates a standard to everything else in life.

The strength, resilience, and confidence you forge in the gym carries through every aspect in life, whether it be the work you do, business, relationships, everything!

I realised you do not have to settle for who you “think” you are, what you have got or the status quo.

You have POTENTIAL and its just finding a way to unlock it.

Unlock the HERO inside you.


Check out these amazing transformations from clients on the Hero Coaching online program.

Hong is stronger, leaner, confident and is only getting started
Adam has done an amazing job in transforming his health, physique, performance...and more importantly a healthier lifestyle
Lisa-marie is doing an amazing job keeping fit, healthy and looking amazing, while also running her own family