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I'm opening up spots to work 1:1 for 12 weeks.

If you want that extra personal touch and accountability to build the physique and health you want by connecting your entire program to your PERSONALITY, GOALS and LIFESTYLE...then this is the perfect program for you!

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What is your Hero Personality Type?

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How old are you?

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How long have you been training for?

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What is your current goal? Why is this important? (be as specific as possible)

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What have you tried in the past and why hasn't it worked for you?

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What’s the biggest hurdle to achieving this goal?

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On a scale of 1-10...1 being I'm satisfied where I am and 10 being I'll do anything to reach my goal. What number are you?

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Space is very limited and I want to make sure this is a good fit, why do you think you would benefit from joining Hero Coaching?

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Yes I understand I am investing in my health and wellbeing, and ready to commit to achieving my goal.

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If you qualify and everything makes sense how soon are you looking to get started?

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