Online Coaching

My online coaching system is no cookie cutter program.

We look specifically at your GOALS.

Not only what you want to achieve, but WHY these are important to you.

Next, we assess your PERSONALITY.

This will give us insight to neurotransmitters your body releases more of, and ones you are more sensitive to, so to be able to align both training and nutrition strategies to match.

Then we implement this to suit your LIFESTYLE.

This ensures what you are creating you are KEEPING. This is no quick fix solution. We are here to create real change!

By aligning these factors allows us to streamline your results to help you –

  • Burn body fat fast.
  • Build lean muscle in less time.
  • Improve strength & performance.
  • Create a diet that not only supports your goals and allows you to feel great, but one you enjoy.
  • Reduce time in gym.
  • Minimize stress on the nervous system and consequent resources, optimizing energy and function.

If you are ready to take control back of your physique, health and confidence, apply now so you can start Connecting Personality to Program.


Sonne’s program has been nothing short of amazing for my fat loss journey. Previously I had done a fair bit of over training and my diet has always been inconsistent or bad (mainly bad lol). It took me over a year to get below 100kg from 108kg. I was hesitant to join the program because I didn’t want to fail and I felt like I would be wasting Sonne’s time. After I made the jump I got to work and was surprised at how much easier the training was. At times I felt like I needed to do more but just stuck to work Sonne gave me. The diet also surprised me. The amount of food you get to eat when it’s “Whole Foods”. My eating was consistent, but not perfect. After the program I had lost 14kg. I feel more confident in myself and capable in my daily duties (and my wife says I’m less grumpy). I would recommend this program to anyone.

I have been training with Sonne for over 12 months now and he has been the pivotal part of my 22kg weight loss. He helped me change my mindset on weight loss and to not focus on short term success but for long term lifestyle change. We’re now doing a 12 week program that is focused on Olympic weight lifting and improving strength and technique. Something 12 months ago I never would’ve dream I could do. I can’t endorse his expertise enough and am excited for what we can achieve in the future.